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This publication exists to help you grow in joyful ways.

You had me at “grow in joyful ways”… I’m in!

It contains a mixture of my own thoughts and channeled material. Here’s a quick introduction to what that all means.

What is joyful growth?

Joyful growth is about loving where you are—and loving where you are going. It’s about loving every single step of the journey. Here’s a very brief introduction:

What is channeling?

Channeling is a process whereby one can gain wisdom from higher (different) realms. The advantage of this is that it can give you a different perspective. You can find more about channeling in this article:

Who are you channeling?

I am channeling a high-level guide called Niv (pronounced NEEF). You can find more about them here:

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It is my heartfelt intention that whatever time, energy, and resources you spend here is bringing you a bountiful “return on investment” in the currencies that matter the most—joy and growth.

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